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TRACKS TO SUCCESS... How to Increase Office Productivity Using Free Software.  This eight-part series from guest authors Sage and Lena Adams covers everything nonprofits need to know about moving from costly desktop office software to Google's free online office tools suite. Articles are available through

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY ON MAUI... The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary program is seeking a Volunteer & Outreach Facilitator. Application deadline: 3/23/09.  Full job description can be viewed on the RCUH website (, then click on "Employment" and navigate to "Job Announcements/Apply for a Job” and enter Job ID: 29082.

ONLINE COURSE OFFERED BY PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY... The Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Program (VELP) provides four week online training courses in all aspects of managing volunteers—Recruiting, Training, Leadership, Communication, Evaluation, and Recognition.  Courses can be taken for credit or for a professional development certificate.  Spring quarter enrollment now available here.

EVERYONE READY... is a professional development program in volunteer management delivered via Online Seminars, electronic Self-Instruction Guides, interactive discussion boards, and other online resources.  Unlike many other trainings, this program is intended to provide general staff readiness for all employees working with volunteers throughout your organization.  Learn more at:

Volunteer Management Databases NOVL Share

Aloha everyone,

As promised, here are the contributions received from NOVL members to the question offered to the NOVL list serve membership:

What database are you currently using to track your volunteers?

What other databases that you've used for tracking volunteers would you recommend?

Thank you to those who took the time to share. Hope you may find this interesting and helpful. I did.


Preserving Paradise
Opportunities in Volunteering for Hawaii's Environment

Paradise is an ideal. It’s somewhere other than where you spend your busy days. It’s soaked in beauty, and the sight of it stops your mind. It lifts your heart.

But there’s more beneath the surface of a pretty picture. There are struggles to keep Hawai‘i’s coastlines from being developed, desperate battles to protect endangered plants and wildlife against invasive species. And there are the tireless folks, who wake up obsessing about some cherished piece of wilderness or some underwater sanctuary or some species in danger of falling off the map.

In Preserving Paradise, you’ll meet these passionate people—hopefully soon you’ll be standing next to them. A response to both our economic and environmental crises, the book features over 65 organizations in Hawai'i that offer short-term volunteer opportunities with the islands’ land, ocean and wildlife. Going beyond “green,” it’s a way to experience the islands that doesn’t just have less of an impact, but actually gives something back.

About the Author
Kirsten Whatley lives on the island of Maui, where she writes about the natural world and our place within it. In Preserving Paradise, she shares her passion for keeping the wild places wild, and her appreciation of nature as our finest teacher. Her features and essays have appeared in Orion, Northern Lights, Sunset, Gardens Illustrated, Natural Health, and many other national publications. If you would like to speak to the author, feel free to contact her directly at (808) 281-9637.

About the Publisher
Island Heritage is a division of The Madden Corporation. For more than 25 years, the company has produced a colorful line of island-themed products including an extensive array of gift, children’s and reference books, as well as calendars, photo albums, candy, stationery and home products.

The book is also making headlines! The Maui News ran a feature on it in this Wednesday's Community section, and Maui Time Weekly made it their cover story this week, a fantastic and in-depth article!

Maui Time Weekly (10/16)
Maui Time Weekly Article

Maui News (10/15)
Maui News Article

Download the Press Release Flyer for more information (240KB pdf)

NOVL banquet (5/19/2010)

Click link to view pictures.

The Network of Volunteer Leaders Neighbor Island Training
Maui NOVL Group at Kamehameha School
Pauline Kawamata conducting a Volunteer Management Workshop
Big Island NOVL Group
Kauai NOVL Group
Pauline Kawamata, Lea Taddanio (Volunteer Coordinator at the National Tropical Botanical Garden), and Arlene Koike at Kauai

Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

The Network of Volunteer Leaders Annual Professional Development Conference
October 26, 2007 (Friday)

Here are a few pictures from our Annual NOVL Professional Development Conference at Best Western Century Plaza. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture. Enjoy!


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